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Avellino’s Catering: Relishing The Good Food

The word beautiful is unknowingly trailed and carried along with anything that is Italian. Be it the food, the language or the streets of Italy. But most importantly, when it comes to food, Italian recipes are a real savoury.

A sneak peek into Italian Restaurants

Do you want to enjoy a board game or a slow movie coupled with good food and drinks? You can think of the Italian canapés as a way to wander your soul into an ever-delectable delight. Many restaurants such as Avellino offer genuinely prepared recipes filled with love and pure Italian style. Let us look at the various services these restaurants have to offer us:

  • The good point with visiting these restaurants is that you can come anytime with or without the intention of having food within the restaurant. There is a casual area provided at these places, food can be easily packed for travelling and delivery is also done.
  • There is also a host of events and other functions which are conducted within these restaurants. So apart from offering fine quality food, they also take care of your special events and present you with the best hosting and providing catering services also. It includes lunch catering and dinner catering.
  • The aroma of the food is what makes the food even more enticing to eat. And that is exactly where the chefs of these restaurants take an upper hand. The food is handcrafted so beautifully as to spill out the authentic Italian aroma that leaves the individual craving for more.
  • The food is cooked on tables that are placed right in front of the guests. So you can see right in front of your eyes all the delicacies that you are going to be served.

What does the menu comprise?

The menu mostly includes large pizzas and other palatable dishes. There are categories of food served, which further drill down into sub-categories or standalone dishes. It includes Pizza, calzones, and hot subs, breakfast side orders, chicken entrees, beverages, salads, breakfast side orders, pasta, flatbread pizza, carb watcher, hot subs, melts, sandwiches, club sandwiches, BBQ, omelettes, veal entrees and many more.

Are online orders/catering services provided?

Yes, apart from takeaways, there is a provision of online ordering and catering services. Mostly all the restaurants working on similar lines including Avellino provide these services. Avellino’s Catering includes all the dishes that are found on the menu. Catering can be done for any occasions like parties or events. There is a registration form to fill out where a user dishes out all his details and requirements and appropriate catering services are provided to him.

In case of online orders, the individual has to select his dish from the menu and put it in the online cart. There are various coupons that can be availed with specific minimum order value. Once the coupon is applied, the final amount can be paid, thereby completing the order.

Italian restaurants have a lot to offer in terms of awesome taste and authenticity backed by a sweeping menu. So, guzzling down that pasta or pouncing upon that pizza won’t be so difficult now!